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Aluminium Strip 1mm Used for Blinds

November 30, 2018

Blinds can be made of various materials. Regular ones include wood, bamboo, plastics and aluminum alloys, among which is aluminium strip 1mm. As a raw material for blinds, aluminium alloys are usually of the form of strip to cater for production requirements. While being used for blinds, aluminium strip 1mm has both advantages and disadvantages.

aluminium strip 1mm used for blinds

Like other aluminum raw materials, aluminium strip 1mm is light and strong. Most of the aluminum alloy shutters adopt a hollow core thin-wall combined section, which is not only light in weight, but also easy to use, and the bending strength of the section is excellent. As known to all, aluminum strips have good water-proof performance. In manufacturing process of aluminum blinds, aluminium tapes are matched with sealing materials of excellent water-proof property, flexibility and durability, therefore, the blinds show extraordinary sealing effect. In addition, aluminum alloy products are endowed with excellent processing properties. Aluminium strip 1mm usually go through an anodizing process before being made into blinds. This makes finished blinds beautiful and bright, creating a sense of depth for the decorated room. Either electric or manual blinds can be coated with rich colors and various designs, which adds vigor to a home. The strip has such a good flexibility that it can be adjusted to obtain light offering the most suitable brightness. Excellent UV and sunshine resistance of the strip enable blinds last long without color fading. Last, anodized aluminium strip has good corrosion resistance and is easy to be maintained.

However, blinds made of aluminium strip 1mm has relatively bad thermal insulation performance. What’s more, the color of a blind may decay if the aluminum strip has not been well processed. Thus it’s necessary to choose blinds of well-known brands who are able to offer better quality and service.

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