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anodized aluminum sheet price

What influences the anodized aluminum sheet price

What influences the anodized aluminum sheet price? It’s really difficult to give a specific answer to questions like “ how much is anodized aluminium sheet”, for the price of aluminium sheets is closely related to its grade, processing method, surface treatment, thickness, film thickness etc. Theoretically the grades of anodized aluminium plates fall on eight series from 1000 to 8000, …

Types of mirror aluminum sheet film

Types of mirror aluminum sheet film

There are two regular types of mirror aluminum sheet film: electrostatic film and PE textured film. The electrostatic film is a kind of non-adhesive film, mainly made of PE and PVC. It is protected by electrostatic adsorption of an aluminum sheet itself. It is generally used for the surface sensitive to adhesive or glue residue. It is mostly used for …

anode mirror aluminum sheet

Anod aluminum mirror sheet used in solar panels and buildings

The use of anod aluminum mirror sheet in solar panels and building construction is achieved under the contemporary concepts of saving resources, protecting the environment and reducing pollution. Solar energy originally used iron plates for lighting, but because the iron plates were placed outdoors, it was very easy to rust after a long period of wind and rain. Therefore, stainless …

red anodized aluminum sheet 1

Red anodized aluminum sheet

The red anodized aluminum sheet has a thin layer of aluminum oxide on the surface, and the thickness thereof is 5 to 20 μm, and the hard anodized film is 60 to 200 μm. The anodized aluminum plate has excellent wear resistance (up to 2320K) , good heat resistance, excellent insulation, and high breakdown voltage (2000V). The oxide film has …

clear aluminum mirror sheet

Polishing methods for clear mirror aluminum sheet

There are three polishing methods for clear mirror aluminum sheet: mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing and chemical polishing. Mechanical polishing is generally the operation of pressing an aluminium sheet onto a rotating cloth wheel or other elastic wheel pre-coated with a polishing paste. The essence is to use the polishing wheel to smooth the extremely small unevenness on the surface. The …

blue anodized aluminum sheet 1

Blue anodized aluminum sheet supplier and manufacturer

The blue anodized aluminum sheet is a very common material with many advantages. Alloy aluminum sheet has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, weld-ability and medium strength, used to make airplane oil tank, oil pipe, as well as the transportation vehicles, ships’ metal parts, instrument, lamps stent and rivet, metal products, electrical enclosure, etc. Product Description of blue anodized aluminum sheet …

aluminum sheet mirror polish

Buy aluminum sheet mirror polish here

The “aluminum sheet mirror polish” is a phrase created by clients’ searching way, the product is called mirror polish aluminum sheet actually. A aluminum plate can be mirrored after being polished and polished. The mirrored aluminum plate has a strong anti-corrosion effect, because aluminum is oxidizing and can form a dense aluminum oxide film on the surface, which can protect …

black anodized aluminum sheet metal

Anodizing process of black anodized aluminum sheet metal

The black anodized aluminum sheet metal is among the most popular type of andozied aluminium sheets. Aluminum itself is a kind of material with strong corrosion resistance. However, it will form aluminum oxide on the surface of aluminum after encountering oxygen in the air. After a long time, its anti-corrosion and stagnation resistance will be slowly relieved in this way. …

checker plate aluminum sheet thickness measurement

Aluminum checker plate sheet thickness measurement method

The method of aluminum checker plate thickness measurement is as follows. 1. Use a micrometer to directly measure base plate part of the target checker plate aluminum sheet. (Specification thickness is the thickness of the plate without pattern) 2. Measure several times different parts of the checker plate. 3. Work out the average of numbers obtained, which is the thickness …

mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet

Mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet color and features

The mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet is obtained by placing an aluminum mirror sheet in a corresponding electrolyte as an anode, and performing electrolysis under specific conditions and an applied current. The aluminum sheet of the anode is oxidized and a thin layer of alumina is formed on the surface. A mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet is featured by strong …

white anodized aluminum sheet

White anodized aluminum sheet advantages

White anodized aluminum sheet plates can be seen in the fields of cans, buildings, home improvement, electronics and so on. Some are simply anodized sheets, while others have gone through extra surface treatment processes like mirror finish. The white anodized aluminium sheet is also popular among the public because of its unique properties and its application range is extremely wide. …

gold anodized aluminum sheet

Pot defect of gold anodized aluminum sheet

The gold anodized aluminum sheet is obtained by anodizing and electrolytic coloring of gold. With such a mature technology, an anodized aluminum sheet can be painted not only gold, but also black, brown, champagne, titanium and so on. However, immature processes in the industry lead to various defects on the sheet’s surface. Reasons for this include corrosion of acid and …

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