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Reflective aluminum sheet products shipped to America

January 23, 2020

Days ago we have a new batch of reflective aluminum sheet pieces to America. With 12 years history, we are among top China reflective aluminum sheet suppliers supplying mirrored aluminium sheets of specifications as below.

gold aluminum reflective sheet
Alloy: 1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 3005, 5052, 6061
Thickness: 0.15mm-8mm
Width: 100mm-2000mm
Length: 1000mm-9000mm
Application: Metal aluminum ceiling, curtain wall panel, aluminum plastic panel, fireproof panel, honeycomb aluminum panel, aluminum veneer, electrical panel, cabinet panel, furniture panel, etc.

Surface treatment methods of our reflective aluminum sheets incorporate polishing, anodizing and color coating. Polished sheets are the cheapest type, and coated anodized ones the most expensive. After years of hard work, we have developed successfully red, blue, green and rose gold mirrored sheets for high-end products like fridge facial panels, cell phone battery shells, laptop housing and so on. At present we have become one the biggest China blue anodized aluminum sheet manufacturers for the international aluminium market. Welcome to contact us for a quotation!

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