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Deep drawing aluminum circle

January 23, 2020

A deep drawing aluminum circle refers to a type of aluminum discs used in manufacturing products like cookware, lamp reflectors and cans, the fabrications of which share one thing in common: the deep drawing process. That’s how the name of the circle comes. Among leading China aluminum discs suppliers, Haomei provides 1050, 1060, 1100, 3003 and 5052 aluminium wafers of either cold rolling or hot rolling. Needless to say, more expensive hot rolled circles boast a better deep drawing performance. Thickness of the discs ranges from 0.7mm to 6mm, and diameter 100mm to 1200mm.

deep drawing aluminum circle discs

Our aluminium circle discs are obtained by an automatic cutting machine line making an aluminum coil roll directly into flat circles of diameters. The diameter error of the circle is controlled below 0.05mm. Automatic level of the line is so high that no manual work is necessary during the production procedure, keeping the circle sheets free from touches by humans. As a result, relative defects caused by labor work are reduced substantially. The round sheets have neat surfaces and burr-free edges. They meet standards of GB/T3880-2012, and no oil stains or black spots can be spotted.

Aluminum discs are usually packed in a square rack, and the packaging should meet the needs of storage and transportation. The material used for the hoisting frame is wood, with two pieces of wood on the top and bottom fixed by screws. Generally, the bottom height of the packaging is based on the needs of the forklift operation, and the length of the screw is shorter than the surface of the upper wooden arc so as to avoid scratching the aluminum wafer.

Haomei supplies deep drawing aluminum discs of all regular specifications. In particular, our 1060 aluminum circle for cookware wins tremendous popularity in the international market, produced into pots, kettles and lamp covers of varied sizes and styles.

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