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large aluminum discs

Large aluminum discs 1070 3003 5052

Large aluminum discs refer to aluminium circles of diameters bigger than 750mm, the price of which proves to be higher than regular discs below 750mm big. Theoretically all ordinary alloys for aluminium wafers can be made into large discs, here we discuss representative of each series (1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx): 1070, 3003 and 5052. 1070 contains 99.7% aluminium, proving to be …

3003 Anodized aluminum discs for cookware

3003 Anodized aluminum discs for cookware

3003 anodized aluminum discs for cookware is of 0.6mm to 5.0mm thick and 135mm to 960mm big. The range of metal materials for making cookware is very narrow, because cookware requires good thermal conductivity and stable chemical properties, otherwise the taste of the food will change. Many metals have good thermal conductivity, but their chemical properties are too unstable, so …

aluminum circle color

Aluminum circle color

Aluminum circle color used to be relatively one-fold: natural silver of aluminum, for aluminum discs were made into deep drawing products without decorative requirements. Nowadays, however, there are not only mill finish but also pre-painted aluminum circle sheet to cater for needs of high end cookware products and lamp covers. The colors of aluminum circle is greatly enlarged in this …

deep drawing aluminum circle discs

Deep drawing aluminum circle

A deep drawing aluminum circle refers to a type of aluminum discs used in manufacturing products like cookware, lamp reflectors and cans, the fabrications of which share one thing in common: the deep drawing process. That’s how the name of the circle comes. Among leading China aluminum discs suppliers, Haomei provides 1050, 1060, 1100, 3003 and 5052 aluminium wafers of …

anodized aluminum discs

What are usages of anodized aluminum discs

Anodized aluminum discs refer to round aluminum sheets that have gone through an anodizing process, during which the machanical properties and surface quality of the whole discs get improved. We usually relate aluminum discs to cookware like pots and basins, but andozied discs play an important role in industrial production, too. What are the usages, then? The first usage, of …

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