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What are usages of anodized aluminum discs

August 6, 2019

Anodized aluminum discs refer to round aluminum sheets that have gone through an anodizing process, during which the machanical properties and surface quality of the whole discs get improved. We usually relate aluminum discs to cookware like pots and basins, but andozied discs play an important role in industrial production, too. What are the usages, then?

The first usage, of course, lies in cookware. Mill finish aluminum circles are made into fast consuming pots and kettles, while anodized aluminum discs are processed into items requiring stronger corrosion resistance and better outlook. Light golden pots are quite familiar to us. These can be made of andozied discs, for anodizing proves to be a perfect method for color coating. Other colors are availabe as well. As a matter of fact, cookers of brighter colors are becoming popular.

anodized aluminum discs

The second usage is housing for electric items. This involves in adopting of advanced technology producing the best anodizing effect. Anodized auminum discs must be insulating, for they might be made into shells for batteries. If they are conductive, it may lead to electricity shock to people touching them. Insulative housing functions as a protector of the inner wire system as well. Of course, it’s not difficult to coat the discs with colors to meet varied fashion trends in the market.

The third usage is high-end packaging. Anodized aluminum discs are corrosion resistant, tough and beautiful. Punched into boxes of tubes of various shapes, they are elegant and smooth. Take the mooncake packaging that take China by storm yearly around October for example. Everybody is clear that there’s little difference between boxed mooncakes and those scattering on stands by the street, but you just have to purchase boxes ones in so many occasions, simply because they look more high profile. As a matter of fact, few people eat boxed mooncakes after receiving them, after finding out that they taste much worse than cheaper ones from the street stands. Yet when they are shopping for visiting friends, they cannot help choose boxed ones. This demonstrates the charm of anodized aluminium sheet products in an ironical way.

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