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Large aluminum discs 1070 3003 5052

September 16, 2020

Large aluminum discs refer to aluminium circles of diameters bigger than 750mm, the price of which proves to be higher than regular discs below 750mm big. Theoretically all ordinary alloys for aluminium wafers can be made into large discs, here we discuss representative of each series (1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx): 1070, 3003 and 5052.

large aluminum discs

1070 contains 99.7% aluminium, proving to be the softest of all alloys. Because of this, small aluminium slugs for tubes are usually made of 1070. These can be made into deep narrow tubes for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Big 1070 aluminum discs can be made into large basins for washing clothes and vegetables. In some places people use aluminium basins to do daily washing. Owing to the fact that the discs have to go through deep drawing process before being made into basins, there is a danger that the bigger the disc, the more likely it get cracked or holed during the process. This puts forward a challenge for technology of aluminum discs manufacturers, for discs with uneven thicknesses and impurities tend to have such a problem. Therefore, the thinner and bigger the disc, the higher relative process is required.

Large 3003 and 5052 aluminum circles are known as anti-rust aluminium alloys, respectively containing manganese and magnesium. They are harder than 1070 and are less suitable for deep drawing products unless it is necessary. One of the representative uses of them is satellite antenna, which can be as big as 1m and more. Aluminum circles for antennas are much bigger than ordinary aluminum circles for cookware. The specifications from Haomei are 1.9mm*1200mm and 1.9mm*1350mm.

Among leading china anodized aluminum discs manufacturers, Haomei supplies large aluminum discs 1070 3003 5052 of 750mm to 1350mm big. Welcome to contact us for a price!

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