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3003 Anodized aluminum discs for cookware

September 2, 2020

3003 anodized aluminum discs for cookware is of 0.6mm to 5.0mm thick and 135mm to 960mm big. The range of metal materials for making cookware is very narrow, because cookware requires good thermal conductivity and stable chemical properties, otherwise the taste of the food will change. Many metals have good thermal conductivity, but their chemical properties are too unstable, so they are not suitable for processing food. 3003 aluminium discs have good corrosion resistance, excellent elongation, and medium strength, proving to be an excellent material for deep drawing cookware.

3003 Anodized aluminum discs for cookware

Many people worry about safety problem of cookware made of anodized aluminum discs, for they find that the discs are usually painted at the same time, and painting might indicate materials dangerous to human health. Here let’s give a detailed explanation. The color of the 3003 anodized aluminium discs is obtained by the following methods, 1. electrolytic coloring, 2. dyeing, 3. spraying, 4. color electrophoresis, 5. thermal transfer, etc. After oxidation, both electrolytic coloring and dyeing are to be sealed, because the anodic oxide film itself is porous. The sealing process currently includes room temperature sealing, medium temperature sealing, and steam sealing. At present, many companies are already using nickel-free sealing on a large scale due to environmental issues. There is no corrosion problem in daily use, unless you really use strong acid and alkali to soak anodized pots for a long time. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about safety problem of cookware made of anodized aluminum circles. Even if there is precipitation of nickel, the amount is very small. As a matter of fact, the so called food grade 304 stainless steel precipitates about 10% of nickel, too.

The 3003 anodized aluminium circle price per kg is higher than mill finish discs, about hundreds of dollars more. The specific price has a lot to do with specifications you need.

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