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2024 aluminum sheet alloy used for cars

April 15, 2020

2024 aluminum sheet alloy is a kind of ultra-high strength deformed aviation aluminum alloy. Good mechanical and processing properties make the alloy easy to shape. It shows outstanding heat treatment and strengthening effects, high strength and toughness at high temperatures (150 ℃ or higher), which contributes a lot to its application to cars in wheel hubs, installed in the center of the wheel and bearing much weight of the whole car, and in body shells that withstands severe natural conditions.

2024 aluminum sheet alloy

2024 aluminum plate is a typical hard Al-Cu-Mg alloy with reasonable composition and prominent comprehensive properties, proving to be the most frequently applied in hard aluminum alloys. The 2024 super hard aluminum sheet for automobile wheel hubs is characterized by high strength, good corrosion resistance and enough heat resistance. Although its heat treatment process is stricter than other alloys, the alloy displays better forming ability in hot, annealing and new quenching states.In comparison to its competitors of wheel hub materials, 2024 corrosion-resistant aluminum plate has low density, high specific modulus, good thermal conductivity, and highlighted manufacturing process performance.In 2019 a car of 2024 aluminum alloy body, named Bowlus Road Chief Endless Highways are sold at a price of $225,000 in America.Lighter weight of car enable it to travel further with the same amount of petrol. This is a typical example demonstrating advantages of aluminium alloy used for automobile.

The application of 2024 aluminum sheet alloy and other aluminium alloys is expected to reduce the weight of a car by 50% in the further. 2024 aluminum plate is one of the high-end and advantageous products of Haomei. The processing technology is far beyond the national standard. Our 2024 alloy has good mechanical properties and perfect strength convenient for processing as a light structural material.

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