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Aluminum coil 5052 5082 5083

April 16, 2020

Aluminum coil 5052 5082 5083 is a mature 5 series product enjoying high popularity in the market. With the main alloy metal of magnesium, 5000 coil plates are featured by good forming property, corrosion resistance and welding property, medium strength (harder than 1xxx and 3xxx while weaker than 2xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx), strong fatigue resistance and plasticity, common polishing property and poor cutting property, mainly applied to shipbuilding, automobile hubs, automobile bodies, automobile decoration, bus panels, car flooring, umbrella frameworks, tank cars, etc.

aluminum coil 5052 5082 5083

In spite of their mutual attributes, the three alloys of aluminum coil display slight differences in properties and application. 5052 aluminum coil proves to be excellent as a color coating and anodizing material, showing clean smooth surface, stable performance, bright color, outstanding coating effect, strong corrosion resistance and prominent decoration result, covering an extensive application scope from large scale roofing to packaging industry.The adding of a proper amount of silicon to 5083 aluminum coil plate helps to prevent dissolution of aluminium in NACL, which slows down the corrosion process of the coil plate as a marine panel and extends the panel’s service life substantially. As a core marine grade aluminium alloy, 5083 contains O, H111, H112, H116 and H321. The o state is the annealed state, which is suitable for processing products with low strength after complete annealing. H111 means that after final annealing, a proper amount of work hardening is carried out, but the work hardening degree is not as good as H11. H112 refers to products suitable for hot processing and forming. H112 state has certain requirements for mechanical properties. H116 refers to aluminum plate with magnesium content more than or equal to 4%, which also has certain requirements for mechanical properties and anti peeling corrosion of products. The last one, 5082 aluminum coil, shares similar hardness and properties with 5083, known for good forming ability and strong corrosion resistance and used for oil tanks, oil tubes, instrument, street lamps, hardware products and so on.

In general, aluminum coil 5052 5082 5083 share many similarities in both characteristics and application. That’s why the three is put together as a searching phrase.

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