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White Aluminum Trim Coil Used for House Decoration

September 21, 2018

In a previous piece of article we discussed colors of the aluminum trim coil. The fact is, aluminum trim coil colors are closely related to application of a roll. Take house decoration for example, the mainstream colors are black and brown, which are adaptable to varied decoration styles and stain-proof since stains will not be obvious against such dark colors. However, in some regions white aluminum trim coils are used for house decoration, too. As the purest color it adds a sense of vigour and youth to a house of dark colors.

white aluminum trim coil

The white aluminum trim coil can be made into various products for interior decoration. It can be slit into narrow strips to be fixed onto doors as ornaments or edge covers. It serves as aluminium facial panels for furniture like cupboards. It turns into threshold strips connecting two adjoining spaces. In outdoors aluminium trim coils are frequently applied as well. The most representative application is the pipeline system. Pipes along the eave and walls skillfully lead rain water down to the ground without hurting the house. Many people like reading and others like sleeping in rainy days. To them nothing is more melodious than water streaming along pipes.

Either interior or exterior decoration it’s used for, the white aluminum trim coil has excellent performances against water, moisture, fire, corrosion and sunshine. It’s foreseeable that white color coated aluminum coil will be applied more widely with technological development in the future. Haomei supplies high quality painted aluminum coils of 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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