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Knowledge about Aluminum Trim Coil Colors

September 14, 2018

Aluminum trim coil colors are obtained by having base aluminium rolls through a highly automatic continuous coating line. The process consists of degrease, chemical treatment, coating and solidification. The base rolls are first treated in order to eliminate oil on the surface, and then sprayed by chemical liquid which functions to clean the surface and to get a layer of transferring film on the surface. The aim of this step is to strengthen anti-corrosion resistance of aluminum trim coils and cohesiveness of paintings to be coated. After all the pre-treatment steps comes the coating process which generally comprise base coating and facial coating. One side or both sides can be coated upon requirement of clients. Then coated rolls are sent into the solidification oven to have impurities evaporated and paintings solidified. During the process the oven must be kept at a temperature between 200 and 300 degrees.

aluminum trim coil colors

In the past, the color scope was restricted by backward technology, but now aluminum trim coils can be painted with any existing colors in nature. The paintings include PE, PVDF and PVC, among which the first two prove to be more popular. They endow aluminium coils with not only rich colors but also good gloss, dimensional sense, tactile sensation and weather resistance, protecting end products against sunshine, wind, rain, snow, frost, temperature, ultraviolet ray, corrosive gas and micro organism etc. Brown and black aluminum trim coil colors will not fade after long-term exposure to severe environments with moist and salty air. Therefore, the coil is especially suitable for outdoor and interior applications. Its most frequent usages include ceilings, furniture, wall cladding, roofing, advertising boards, beverage cans, bottle caps etc. Experiments show that PVDE have better stability and corrosion resistance than the other two paintings.

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