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Simple Introduction to Aluminium Door Strip

September 17, 2018

To a certain degree aluminium door strip refers to aluminum strips used for door decoration. It can be vertical or horizontal stripped ornaments on door surfaces at home or in hospitals and kindergartens. The strips may be of natural silver color or other coated colors like green, gold, blue etc. Bright colors are generally applied to aluminium door strips for children’s rooms, creating an innocent dreamy atmosphere. The strips serve as edge covers of the door or its frame as well. They functions not only as ornaments but also as protector of wooden doors against wearing, moisture and corrosive elements. Another usage of the strip, however, is door bodies. Some interior doors serving only as a separation have appearance of window shutters, and they can be made of aluminum strip, too.

aluminium door strip

Other people express totally different meanings by the phrase “aluminium door strip”. Here the strip refers to aluminium strip profiles for doors. The extrusions can be a part of the door face or a whole door frame. The other application sounds novel but it turns out to be ubiquitous. The strip serves as door threshold transition strips connecting two separate flooring space with no securing screws visible. The strips are clipped onto the plastic plugs (6mm in diameter,40mm long)which are inserted into pre-drilled holes at random intervals.These floor joining strips are fixed AFTER the floor is laid,significantly reducing the need for advanced planning.The holes should be cleaned after they have been drilled.

No matter which type of strip or profile you want, Haomei can help you. We are a leading manufacturer of aluminum strips for various usages including doors, blinds, transformers, cables etc. If you want aluminium profiles for doors, we supply aluminum sheets and plates as raw material. We can even supply aluminum extrusion if you’d like, since we are able to get low price for you from relative factories.

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