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Application of white aluminum trim coil

June 24, 2019

The white aluminum trim coil is an important member of the color coated aluminum coil family. It covers a wide range of application in interior decoration, exterior decoration and packaging industry.

white aluminum trim coil

If you are observant enough, you will notice products with white aluminum trim coil easily at home or office. Take my office for example, the edges of partition boards are made of white alu coil and so are the cupboards standing by the wall. The light covers are while alu strips as well. In addition to offices, the coil is applied to decoration of classrooms in schools and consulting rooms in hospitals. It makes doors, furniture and walls more attractive. The color of white is such an adaptable color that the white aluminium trim coil forms a harmonious atmosphere with any color and style of interior designs. In exterior decoration the coil is used as wall cladding, gate cladding, advertising panels and so on. Packaging is more ubiquitous. Jewellery boxes, candy boxes and moon-cake boxes can all be made of trim coil rolls.

The white aluminum trim coil is so extensively applied because it’s of light weight, medium hardness and good corrosion resistance. Aluminium is much lighter than iron and steel. The purer it is, the softer it is. Although some alloyed aluminium reaches a hardness close to stainless steel, most white alu coil rolls are of regular alloys that are not so hard. What’s more, aluminium coil can obtain an excellent corrosion resistance by relatively simple processes. It has a natural corrosion resistance to most corrosive materials, which can be greatly improved by anodizing and coating. A white coil has been coated at least, some are even anodized. Last but not least, the coil is very cost efficient. They are cheaper than stainless steel and copper by volume and lasts long enough to meet usage requirements.

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