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Aluminum round disc cutting process

June 25, 2019

The cutting of aluminum round disc pieces is a process adopted in production of many products such as hardware cookware, auto parts, tank heads, lamps, motor stators, rotors and so on. Owing to the fact that the process entail huge labor and material consumption, it has become a big concern of most manufacturers to improve cutting efficiency and quality of blank aluminium discs.

round aluminum disc

The cutting line for aluminum round disc includes heavy-duty material frame for fixing and supporting coil materials, and for unwinding and unwinding – leveling machine for coil correction – NC servo yaw type feeder, and a punch that realizes wafer processing. The special feature is that the NC servo yaw feeder has a magnetic return-to-zero switch, so that the position of each parameter can be started from zero after each punching of the plate, so as to avoid the dimensional deviation after repeated yaw feed. When the S-type or M-type wafer processing method is adopted, when the moving distance takes the minimum value, the adjacent two wafers are just tangent, and the narrowest part of the remaining material between the adjacent wafers is 2 mm, so that the sheet utilization rate is reached. The highest, the least amount of waste generated, which reduces production costs.

At the same time, a feeding device is arranged between the NC servo yaw feeder and the punching machine for the aluminum round disc pieces. The feeding device comprises two rotating joints and brackets, and the bracket and the support are connected by a hydraulic cylinder. The rotation is provided with a tray that is matched with the material, and the tray is also connected to the bracket by a cylinder. In the process of wafer blanking production, during the movement of the NC servo yaw feeder and the servo drive device, the strip on the punching table is easily scratched, and the cylinder is driven to drive the tray. During the process of changing the mold, the driving of the hydraulic cylinder drives the rotation of the bracket to rotate the belt to lift the material greatly, thereby forming a large mold replacement space.

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