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Aluminium Flat Strip Used as Curtain Tape Eyelets

September 25, 2018

Recently we received an inquiry from an American client who wants aluminium flat strip. Speaking of aluminium flat strips, most people would relate them to shutters, transformers and decorative metal tapes as the author used to do. This client, however, proves to be a curtain tape manufacturer, and he uses aluminium strip as raw material for eyelets of curtain tapes. This again demonstrates wideness of aluminum metal application.

aluminium flat strip

The curtain tape eyelet refers to a line of holes at the upper of a curtain tape into which a rod gets. In this way the curtain is hung on the rod fixed to the wall. Aluminium flat strips used for the eyelets are generally less than 1mm thick. The client mentioned above asked for 0.5mm. The alloys can be 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx, among which the former two are more frequently made into strips, but the latter actually has the best performance in either strength or corrosion resistance. The 5xxx aluminum alloys are the most suitable for anodizing process and color painting. Of course, aluminum coil sheets of 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1100 are good materials as well for curtain tape eyelets. What type of material you choose is totally up to the class of your product. If you focus on high end market, 5xxx is the first choice. In contrast, mill finish strips would be enough for the regular market.

Most clients do not purchase aluminium flat strips directly from aluminium manufacturers. They order aluminium rolls and slit the rolls into strips of given width and length with specialized slitting machines. This enables them to cater for fashion in the market more instantly. They can make strips of any size and shape with aluminium rolls at hand. Haomei is a leading aluminum manufacturer in China. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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