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List of Aluminum Foil Containers in Daily Life

March 6, 2018

Aluminum foil is well-known for its function as packaging material. When we buy cooked meat or fried food from a deli, the shopkeeper usually wrap the food with a piece of aluminum foil first and then put it in a plastic bag. That’s because the foil is featured by excellent sealing effect and is nontoxic. With the development of technology, aluminum foil containers become more and more popular in our daily life.

aluminum foil container

aluminum foil container

We cannot avoid to get in contact with aluminum foil containers at the beginning of a day. Before you brush your teeth, you unscrew the cap of your toothpaste tube. Later you wash your face with facial cleanser. If you are a lady, you also use eye cream and other types of makeup. All the soft tubes and bags are actually aluminum foil containers. Of course, they are not made of pure aluminum element, but of its mixture with paper and plastics so that the strength is improved.

Then you have box milk and wrapped bread for your breakfast. Aluminum foil container is also usually applied for box milk and box beverage. In this way the milk remain fresh after long distance of delivery and long term storage. If kept in fridge, however, it can not last the same time period. Many yogurt producers pack their products in this way as well because it’s convenient for transportation, storage and drinking. When you stick a straw into a milk box, the thin layer you break with the straw is also made of aluminum foil. For lunch not a few people like take-away food which is contained in plastic bags or in aluminum foil container, both of which are usually called disposable lunch box. In winter you may use aluminum foil container any time during the day. It’s so dry that you have to rub your hands with hand cream, contained in the soft compound tube of aluminum and plastics, every time after you are back from the washing room.

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