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aluminum foil container

Aluminum foil container

Specifications of our aluminum foil containers OEM: Available Raw material: aluminum foil (food grade) Shape: rectangle, square, round, oval/elliptical etc. Pattern: Customized Thickness: customized Dimension: As required Packing: Recycle paper packing, OPP plastic packing etc. Features of our aluminum foil containers 1.Customized dimensions, shapes and patterns 2.Small MOQ 3.Food grade aluminium foil which can be recycled conveniently 4.High temperature sterilization

aluminum foil container

List of Aluminum Foil Containers in Daily Life

Aluminum foil is well-known for its function as packaging material. When we buy cooked meat or fried food from a deli, the shopkeeper usually wrap the food with a piece of aluminum foil first and then put it in a plastic bag. That’s because the foil is featured by excellent sealing effect and is nontoxic. With the development of technology, …

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