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Application of Aluminum Mirror Coil Sheet

March 6, 2018

Aluminum mirror coil sheet, as its name hints, is a type of aluminum coil sheet functioning like a mirror. It’s mainly used as reflection parts or decorative components. Generally speaking, aluminum mirror coil sheet covers three types of aluminum materials: 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx, which are in fact the most widely applied types in the market. Here we’ll check how widely they are used in our daily life.

aluminum mirror coil sheet

The number one application should be cover boards of domestic appliances like fridges, microwave ovens and sound equipment. Besides, the inner dewatering tank of washing machine is also made of aluminum mirror coil sheet. Second, it serves as raw material for kitchen ware. Cooking benches are usually made of stone, artificial stone or aluminum mirror coil sheet, and the last one occupies the largest share of the market because it’s light, safe and easy to clean. In addition, it’s raw material for cupboard doors and washing basins. Third, it functions as a good candidate for reflection boards and decorative parts of lights. Owing to its perfect reflection property, the coil sheet adds beauty to the whole room when the lights are open. Some lights, while being open, give off light of different colors. These colors are reflected and show an attractively dreamy beauty. Fourth, the coil sheet can be applied as housing for electronic equipment. There’s great possibility that it’s raw material of the battery cover of your cell phone. Your newly bought personal laptop, may also be covered by the coil sheet. Fifth, aluminum mirror coil sheet can be found in a traditional solar water heater. Here it turns into reflection boards.

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