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Aluminum Foil Uses in Daily Life

March 5, 2018

Owing to its excellent insulation property, aluminum foil is widely applied as packaging material in various industry. Now let’s list aluminum foil uses in our daily life.

Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Foil Use

The first should be compound cans made of aluminum foil and plastics. These cans turn out to be perfect containers for frozen food, dry food and engine oil. They are nontoxic, scentless and recyclable. The second aluminum foil use falls on compound films which are widely applicable in food, chemical and military material packaging. A good example is milk box. It’s of good mechanical and heat-sealing properties. The third use is for soft tubes as containers of toothpaste, unguent and cosmetics. These tubes, solid and easy to clean, shows favorable development future. The fourth use is packaging material for wines and spirits. Of course we’re not talking about the bottle. Before you open the bottle cap of wines you have to tear away a thin layer of paper which seals the bottle neck. This paper, usually printed with logos or unique designs, is made of the foil. The fifth use is for medicine packaging. Many medicine pills are kept on a hard board in separated holes. In this way pills will not be exposed to the air until people take it out by tearing away a layer of coverage of foil. The last aluminum foil use is for domestic food wrapping. Wrapped food can be cooked directly in the microwave oven or on a barbecue stand. In this way, the food is heated evenly from the surface and will not lose its original taste or gloss.

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