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Designs on Aluminum Cigarette Coil

March 5, 2018

These days cigarette producers attach more and more importance to the decoration of inner pack of cigarettes. They coat aluminum cigarette coil with unique colors and print it with fancy designs, which marks a brand new era of aluminum cigarette coil.

The colors coated may be silver, gold or other colors that symbolizes luxury. In comparison, the designs turns out to be more diverse and attractive. Generally speaking, producers print three types of designs on aluminum cigarette coil. First, also the most widely used type, they print factory names and logos. Second, some big factories, which make secondary brands for their newly developed cigarettes, print the new brand name and design on the inner pack. Third, there are also producers, who takes a different route, show advertising words on the aluminum cigarette coil. The printed content includes Chinese characters, Chinese letters, Manchu script, English letters and picture designs. For letters and characters, each factory has its own favorite styles. Some particularly careful producers even ask famous calligraphers to write brand names before printing them on the aluminum cigarette coil.

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Why do cigarette makers spend so much money and time on an unnoticeable piece of paper? After all, when people make a purchase decision, they don’t tear up a pack and check the inner cover of cigarettes. The answer is: it’s worth it. First, factory names and logos printed on the aluminum cigarette coil functions as an effective way of promotion. No advertising companies will help promote a product without taking money. Sometimes you may spend much money, but your product remain unknown. Printing factory names on a product is the most economical way of promotion. Second, unique printings on aluminum cigarette coil also have an anti-fake function. Third, a printed design adds color to good-flavored cigarettes, and indicates a certain level of status and uniqueness. Good cigarettes should be attractive in both packaging and flavor. When people judge something, they first judge by its appearance, and then by its content. A singing star wins popularity with handsomeness or beauty, but maintains popularity with singing ability. In contrary, if the appearance is not attractive, it’s like a singer on the platform in shabby clothes, which simply does not match with the circumstances.

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