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Coated aluminum coil and aluminum roofing coil

November 18, 2019

A coated aluminum coil refers to an aluminum coil with a layer of coating on one side or both sides. The coating color can be white, black, blue, green, yellow, gray, purple or any other existing color. Paints for the coating include PE, PVDF and PVC, among which PVDF is the most expensive one. A pvdf color coated aluminum coil lasts as long as three decades in natural environments.

coated aluminum roofing coil

An aluminum roofing coil is a corrugated aluminum coil. It’s usually coated, for coating improves its weather resistance and extends its service life. In addition, the color of coating can be customized to match the style of a house. Owing to the fact that most buildings are of dull colors, aluminum roofing coil rolls are commonly of bright colors like blue, green, red, and some are low-profile gray. They are coated aluminum coil rolls made into corrugated sheets to adapt to the drainage need in rainy days. What’s more, a wave-like surface increases the surface area of a roofing sheet, which improves heat insulation effect of a roof.

Both coated aluminum coil and aluminum roofing coil rolls have the following features. First, strong weather resistance. The roofing coil withstands severe weather conditions without color changing or coating cracking. Its bright color lasts long, too. Second, light in weight. Aluminium sheets are 40% lighter than other sheets of other metals, which overshadows other roofing materials, since the lighter the roofing, the fewer weight the walls have to withstand. Coated aluminium roofing sheets are strong in structure, even in color coating and flat in shape. There are as many as 60 colors available, including patterns of wood grain, tile, stone and so on. Therefore, you are even able to create a traditional house with a modern material. Few people are able to tell the oriental style roofing of your new house is made of metal at the first sight!

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