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    Aluminum Coil, Color Coated Aluminium

    Alloy: 1050/1060/1100/3003 /3004/3105/5005

    Temper:H46 H44



    Coating: PE/PVDF

    Coating  thickness: PVDF >=25micron, PE>=18micron

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    aluminium roofing coils and roofing sheets

    Aluminium roofing coil is also known as aluminium roofing sheet coil. It’s a roll type color coated aluminium product with an even thickness between 0.3mm and 1.5mm. Sometimes such a roll is cut into sheets, thus it is also known as the aluminum roofing sheet in coils. Whatever name it has, it’s processed from aluminium bars of given alloys into thin rolls or sheets of even width. Both CC and DC quality are available. The paints for aluminum roofing coil usually include PE and PVDF, featured by varied properties and service life.

    Colorcard of aluminium roofing sheet coil

    Specifications of Haomei aluminium roofing sheet coil are as below.

    Alloy: 1050/1060/1100/3003 /3004/3105/5005

    Temper:H46 H44



    Coating: PE/PVDF

    Coating thickness: PVDF >=25micron, PE>=18micron

    Color: RAL9006 RAL9016 RAL9007 RAL7039 RAL7035 RAL7021 used more, can be customized to sample.

    packaging of aluminum roofing coil rolls

    Haomei has strict quality control for its aluminium roofing coils. And the finished rolls have the following features.

    inspection for aluminum roofing sheet coil

    1. Colors: Various Colors, basis on RAL and PARTON, can be customized by your sample;

    2. Coating:

    Polyester ( PE): one layer, about 18μm;

    Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF ): two layers,25μm;

    3. Good quality for bending: 1T, no crack (as shown in the picture below)

    bending test for aluminium roofing coil

    4. Strict boiling test for 72 hours and then cooling 48 hours;

    5. High pencil hardness;

    6. 10-year and 20-year guarantee provided;

    7. All necessary certificates available

    Haomei aluminium roofing sheet coil is applied to the roofing of houses, buildings, trailers etc., thus there are usually two types: aluminum building roofing coil and aluminum trailer roof coil. The latter is made of 3000 and 5000 series, for it requires higher in hardness and corrosion resistance.

    application examples of aluminium roofing coil

    The price of aluminum roofing coil equals instant aluminum ingot price plus manufacturing cost. Welcome to contact us for an instant price!

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