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Color anodized aluminium a4 sheet

November 15, 2019

A color anodized aluminium a4 sheet is an end product used for household artistic projects. It’s an anodized aluminium sheet, but of a very small size, the same as that of a piece of a4 paper. Here is a specification of such a sheet listed online:

Material: aluminium sheet

Size: 297 x 210mm

Thickness: 0.9mm

Color: as listed

Pack: 14 x A4 Aluminium Paper in assorted colors

Application: Make models, cards, crafts & artistic projects. Also great for making your own bows, streamers, confetti and making covers for books.

color anodized aluminium a4 sheet

In a word, it’s actually a colored anodized aluminium sheet with the width of 210mm and length of 297mm. The price is not high, either. For 14 pieces they only charge 3.5 dollars. Such a sheet has a smooth shiny finish on the metallic side, white uncoated on the reverse so it can be written on if needed. Its weight is around 150gsm. Various colors are available. The sheets are easy to cut and fold, excellent for children in their craft homework.

The sheets go through a complicated process in spite of its low price. Regardless of primary casting and rolling which make aluminium ingots into thin pieces, cutting and anodizing are inevitable, too. Aluminum coil rolls are cut into sheets of wanted sizes, and the sheets are then anodized, a process having objects placed in a chemical solution to obtain a hard film on the surface and a given color at the same time. In addition to craft, colored anodized sheets are applied to a vast of industries, such as cell phones, fridge panels, furniture and so on.

Haomei doesn’t supply color anodized aluminium a4 sheets, but we provide anodized aluminum sheets of various specifications. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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