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aluminium anodizing sheet plate

Reasons for uneven film thickness of aluminium anodizing sheet plate

The uneven thickness of the anodized film of aluminum alloy, occurring frequently in production,seriously affects the subsequent electrolytic coloring and sealing effect of an aluminium anodizing sheet plate. The causes for this includes inappropriate solution temperature, effective area, contact state and sulfuric acid concentration etc. The temperature of the anodic oxidation liquid has an important influence on the uniformity of …

color anodized aluminium a4 sheet

Color anodized aluminium a4 sheet

A color anodized aluminium a4 sheet is an end product used for household artistic projects. It’s an anodized aluminium sheet, but of a very small size, the same as that of a piece of a4 paper. Here is a specification of such a sheet listed online: Material: aluminium sheet Size: 297 x 210mm Thickness: 0.9mm Color: as listed Pack: 14 …

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