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Coil color aluminum 3003 VS 3004 for roofing

Coil color aluminum 3003 VS 3004 for roofing

3003 and 3004 are two typical alloys for coil color aluminum of roofing. At the very beginning, only 3004 was adopted in aluminum roofing. 3004 aluminum for roofing is made by hot rolling and aging treatment. Its basic thickness is 1.0mm, tensile strength is 300Mpa, elongation is more than 10%, magnesium content is between 1.2-1.5, and manganese content is between …

embossed aluminum coil used for roofing

Why is embossed aluminum coil used for roofing

While many are familiar with embossed aluminum coil applied at home, they have no idea how and why it is used for roofing, too. As a matter of fact, emboss aluminum roof coil has become a regular product type of aluminium coil rolls. Common alloys include 1100 and 3003, representatives of 1xxx and 3xxx series. The thickness of embossed aluminium …

coated aluminum coil

Coated aluminum coil and aluminum roofing coil

A coated aluminum coil refers to an aluminum coil with a layer of coating on one side or both sides. The coating color can be white, black, blue, green, yellow, gray, purple or any other existing color. Paints for the coating include PE, PVDF and PVC, among which PVDF is the most expensive one. A pvdf color coated aluminum coil …

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