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Why is embossed aluminum coil used for roofing

August 25, 2020

While many are familiar with embossed aluminum coil applied at home, they have no idea how and why it is used for roofing, too. As a matter of fact, emboss aluminum roof coil has become a regular product type of aluminium coil rolls. Common alloys include 1100 and 3003, representatives of 1xxx and 3xxx series.

embossed aluminum coil used for roofing

The thickness of embossed aluminium roofing coil ranges between 0.018 and 1mm. Thin as it is, the coil is not necessarily used as the single layer of roofing coil. It sometimes serves as only a layer of composite or sandwich roofing panels, playing an insulation and decorative role. As a result, not a few embossed rolls are coated for roofing purposes, with the coating thickness from 14 to 20 micron. Different from regular 3003 and 3004 aluminium roof coils, embossed roofing aluminium coils are usually painted with pe rather than pvdf. The most popular colors are black, white and brown, all of which are known as easy matching colors for various decoration styles.

Although it’s known as an embossed coil, a roof roll normally has a pattern of diamond or stucco, and other ordinary embossed patterns, like ripple, hammer, pebble etc, are not adopted most of the time. This is because diamond and stucco prove to be the most popular and mature pattern in workshops. Diamond or stucco embossed aluminium coil is used as a roof coil because of better heat dissipation, light weight, good weather resistance and long service life. Haomei supplies top quality embossed aluminium roof coil. If you need to buy pebble embossed aluminum sheet coil, we have the product in stock, too. Welcome to send inquiries!

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