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1050 aluminum painted coil for roof and wall decoration

August 26, 2020

1050 aluminum painted coil is a regular material for buildings in roofing, ceiling and wall decoration. 1050 is the most popular alloy of 1000 series, containing 99.5% aluminium metal. It’s only a little weaker than 1100 and share similar mechanical properties: low strength, good corrosion resistance and cheap price. Owing to the fact that it only differs slightly from 1060 in chemical composition, many purchasers would like to replace it with 1060 in practical application. If not painted, 1050 alu coil serves as an excellent material for CTP and PS plates, plastic composite panels, lighting materials, anti-explosion valves of batteries, battery pole ears etc. These products require little about strength but good heat and electricity conductivity, thus 1050 aluminium is a satisfying candidate.

1050 aluminum painted coil for roof and wall decoration

Painted 1050 aluminum coil differs from regular 1050 coil in surface treatment methods and surface properties. The coil can be painted with PE, PVDF or both (especially when both sides need to be painted). Paint coating of 1050 coil can compete with that of any other alloy in surface quality. The paint film is solid, smooth and durable. PE coating usually lasts 10 years and PVDF coating 30 years and more in roofing, ceiling and wall decoration. Owing to its low hardness, 1050 coil can not be used separately as a roofing material, but combined with other roofing panels. As a wall decoration material it can be painted with pure colors like blue, red, green, gray or patterns like wood grain, stone grain and so on. In a word, it can be as decorative as you imagine and need.

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