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Things you need to know about wood grain aluminum coil

August 26, 2020

Differences from pure color coated aluminum coils

The surface treatment methods of wood grain aluminum coils include: laminating, painting, baking and rolling.

The surface treatment method of ordinary color coated aluminum coil does not include laminating. The process is divided into surface treatment, roll coating and curing.

How to choose wood grain aluminum coils for sale

Treatment method is a crucial way to judge the quality of wood grain alu coils. The methods include laminating, spray painting, baking varnish, and rolling paint. The PET film is easy to fall off, and the direct use of fluorocarbon or polyester coating will help break the bottleneck that was only used for interior decoration in the past and extend the service life of wood grain color coated aluminum coils. However, it should be noted that the use time of spray paint and baking paint is relatively short, and the problem of color difference will occur. Film-covered wood grain rolls are also divided into imported and ordinary rolls, and the use time of imported membranes can reach more than 20 years without changing the color.

wood grain aluminum coil

Advantages of wood grain aluminum coil over ordinary color coated aluminum coils

1. More decorative: In addition to its own pattern is more decorative than pure color coated aluminum coils, wood grain aluminum coils also have a variety of choices in color depth and pattern types, which not only have a vivid natural beauty. It also has a real wood grain texture, with a fake effect. Whether you want original, modern, or traditional decoration effects, you can use wood grain aluminum coils to achieve.

2. Stronger weather resistance: Wood grain coating of 3003, 5052 or 1100 h16 wood grain aluminum coil stock, made of fluorocarbon or high-performance polyester coating by direct rolling and baking through advanced coating technology, is of high gloss retention, good color stability, strong bending resistance and excellent durability in natural environment.

3. The effect of environmental protection is better: the utilization rate of the paint by roller coating can reach 100%. The color wood grain aluminum coil after high temperature baking does not leave any harmful substances, and it will not rot or produce mold.

4. Easier to process and maintain. Whether it is for furniture or construction decoration materials, wood grain aluminum coils can be easily processed and installed on-site with ordinary cutting, milling, and punching tools. The finished product will not fade after repeated scrubbing, and the maintenance is simple and easy.

5. Wider uses: airports, stations, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, bars, clubs, banks, museums, bedrooms, kitchens, toilets, etc.

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