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Embossed Aluminum Coil Applied At Home

March 16, 2018

Embossed aluminum coil refers to aluminium coil with simple decorative designs on the surface. It is usually made of 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series of  aluminum alloys which are wide used owing to their unique features. First, they are light. Compared to other metals, aluminum has a much smaller density, which makes it inevitably lighter than iron, zinc and other common metals. Second, they are bright. In an era when people would like to have plastic surgeons change their natural looks in pursuit of beauty, products with attractive brightness with never go wrong. Third, they are of excellent anti-rust and exceptional corrosion resistance property, which helps to maintain their brightness for a long time. Fourth, also the most crucial one for manufacturers who buy aluminum coil products, aluminum is of perfect tensile strength. The best representative is type 5052, the tensile strength of which reaches as much as 12-20%, almost twice that of 1060 (also known for its favorable tensile strength). This unique feature makes aluminum alloys mentioned above ideal raw material for products of complex deformation processes.

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Let’s check how widely embossed aluminum coil is used at home. You are advised to have a pause before reading along. Take a few seconds to think about where it is used at your home. Now let’s see how many you have got. We may as well begin with furniture. Observe sliding doors of your closet, feel it’s thickness and weight, and you will make your judgement at once. Right, it’s not made of wood, which is thick, and not steel, which is heavy. It’s thin and light embossed aluminum alloy. The go to the kitchen and check the cupboard. You will find almost the whole body is made of embossed aluminium. The third step comes to the ceilings of your kitchen and toilets. These ceilings, owing to their special locations, must be water, oil and weather resistant, and beautiful. Embossed aluminium coil can meet these requirements. If you keep seeking more things will draw your attention. Photo frames, bag labels, fridge internal boards all become interesting discoveries.

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