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Where to buy pebble embossed aluminum sheet coil

July 17, 2019

Where to buy embossed aluminum sheet coil in China? You may as well learn something about Haomei, a leading aluminium supplier in Henan. Adhering to the business philosophy of “win clients by quality and credit”, Haomei is now among leading pebble embossed aluminum sheet coil suppliers in Henan province after eight years of hard development. It has one oxidation production line, two large embossing machines and three medium embossing machines; it can flatten aluminum plate, aluminum coil plate and aluminum plate with thickness of 0.1mm–2mm. The pattern is orange peel, orange peel (small bug), embossed pattern, diamond pattern, and the like. Products are exported to all parts of the country. The demand for products is in short supply.

buy pebble embossed aluminum sheet coil

Oxidized embossed aluminum sheet coil is a high-quality embossed aluminum plate roll with a dense aluminum oxide protective film on the surface after embossing, shearing, oxidation, sealing, natural drying and other processes. It is more resistant to acid rain and corrosive than ordinary stainless steel, with a long-lasting luster and beautiful pattern. The anti-corrosion coating has stable performance, strong adhesion, no falling off, impact resistance, no toxic and side effects, and is safe and environmentally friendly. The surface of the pebble embossed aluminum sheet coil is clean and shiny. The residual oil on the surface can be eliminated by the electrooxidizing process, so are manual handling of fingerprints, slight scratches, rubbing, etc. After embossing, the thickness and strength of the aluminum sheet coil can be enhanced by 0.1 mm-0.25 mm.

The pebble embossed aluminum sheet coil is widely used in refrigerators, cold storage, refrigerators, wine coolers, solar water heater water tank reflectors, decorative aluminum products, lighting, luggage, disinfection cabinets, kitchen cabinets, central air conditioning ventilation ducts, indoor and outdoor decoration, mechanical equipment shells and other industries. Over the years, due to good quality, courteous service, products have been well received by customers. Tens of manufacturers of refrigerators, freezers, cold storage, water heaters, kitchen cabinets, air-conditioning shells, etc. have used oxidized embossed aluminum sheets produced by Haomei. If you want to buy embossed aluminum coil sheet, too, welcome to contact us!

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