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How to choose aluminium circle manufacturers in China

July 16, 2019

How to choose aluminium circle manufacturers in China? It seems to be a big hollow question, yet there is knowledge if you probe further. The priority among priorities is your market positioning. If you are aimed at African market, you might be an aluminium pot manufacturer, for pots are the main products made of aluminium round discs there. People discard a pot after only two months of usage and turn to the market for a new one. Here quality is second to price, for pots are regarded as fast-moving consumer goods, then you do not have to look for aluminum circle manufacturers too high grade, and the key point is to reduce costs. If it is a European or American market, you can only pursue the price under the premise of pursuing quality. There are thousands of manufacturers of aluminum wafers in China, but there are just a few of them that can be scaled up directly.

aluminium circle manufacturers

The big suppliers are not worth discussing here, because you can just obtain their names from the internet, and their price and quality are generally similar. Of course, many customers want to grasp both quality and price, because the possibility of smaller aluminium circle manufacturers in China in providing high-quality aluminum circles is not ruled out. Here you need some skills. So, what issues do you need to pay attention to when choosing a Chinese aluminum wafer supplier?

The first is the history of a manufacturer. Don’t trust the establishment time of a supplier’s website because it can be falsified. Go to some reliable platforms, such as Alibaba. The reason why Alibaba can become an international platform is related to the services it provides. For example, when you search for aluminium round discs, the product list clearly shows the supplier’s registration duration in Ali. Which one is more likely to be reliable in one year and 10 years or more? By the way, Haomei is an 11-year supplier on Ali. The second is service quality, for which everybody has his own standards, but several basic ones will never be behind the times, such as reply speed, quotation efficiency and accuracy, professionalism and so on. The last is export experience. Manufacturers who have exported to your country are a better choice under the same conditions. They are more sensitive to demands in your local market, including regular specifications, customs procedures, shipment notices and so on, which will spare you from lots of trouble.

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