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5754 aluminum deck plate

April 21, 2021

The 5754 aluminum deck plate is an aluminium tread plate whose ordinary patterns include 5 bar and 1 bar. 5754 is one of the two widely applied alloys of 5000 series of aluminum deck plates. It contains 2.6% to 3.6% magnesium, less than other common alloys of 5000 series. Therefore, its hardness is poorer. However, it’s still much stronger than any alloy of 1000 and 3000 series. Generally speaking, it features medium strength, good corrosion resistance and excellent tensile strength. The corrosion resistance is not so good as 5083, a typical marine grade aluminium alloy, but it’s enough for ordinary applications for decking plates. Its outstanding tensile strength is based on low hardness.

5754 aluminum deck plates

5754 aluminum deck plates find their applications in anti-skid conditions, such as cold storage houses, ship decking, vehicle flooring, stair cladding, platform covering and so on. The strength of 5754 aluminum plate is so good that the anti-slip surface lasts years of wearing, longer than that of 1000 and 3000 series of aluminium sheets. The content of magnesium in the alloy endows the 5754 aluminium with strong corrosion resistance against most corrosive materials. Further more, the 5754 deck plate can be anodized to obtain a stronger anti-rust ability, for it is characterized by an excellent anodizing property. The anodized film, hard and durable, extends the surface life of a decking plate substantially.

The regular thickness of the 5754 aluminum deck plate ranges from 0.8mm to 7.0mm, and width up to 3800mm. Prices for specifications within this scope is around $2700/mt. If you need to customize specification, the price would be higher. The most frequently ordered patterns are 5 rib, 1 rib, 3 bar, 4 bar and 2 bar. Other patterns are available, too. In addition ,the price fluctuates with aluminium ingot price. Welcome to contact us for a specific price.

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