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5754 aluminum plate 4.5mm

April 20, 2021

5754 aluminum plate 4.5mm is a typical sheet material for tankers and ships. 5754 sheet is less stronger than 5083 in hardness, for it contains 2% less magnesium. In the same way, its corrosion resistance is poorer, too. However, this is only compared to 5083. As a widely applied alloy of the 5000 series, 5754 stand out of 1000 and 3000 series in either hardness or corrosion resistance. And it’s lighter, too, since the magnesium is the lightest of all ordinary metals. 4.5mm is a common thickness of 5754. Owing to its relatively high price, 5754 is usually applied to costly end products like tankers and ships, and seldom appears in extremely thin sheets.

5754 aluminum plate 4.5mm

4.5mm aluminium plate is a little thin as a tanker material. 5mm plates of 5754 are more popular. The 5754 aluminum plate for tanker body is 5mm to 9mm thick. It’s made into the body, the cylinder head, and the bulkhead of a tanker. The plate is used for tankers because of its light weight, good impact resistance, strong corrosion resistance, and excellent welding property. An aluminium tanker saves 1 ton load, which can be used to carry extra fuel of 1 ton in turn. The 5754 plate boasts good tensile strength, and it has been tested that an aluminium tanker body remains safe in case of overturn accidents. Compared to traditional tank materials, aluminium does not rust, which is a great source of polluting the contained fuel and other liquids. Excellent welding property of the 5754 aluminium plate makes a tank body solid and steady, sufficiently capable to face impacts.

5754 aluminum plate 4.5mm has tempers of O, H111, H112, H114 and H32. The width is 1000mm to 2650mm. It serves as a raw material for various ships and boats, especially hover ships and yachts. The thickness of 4.5mm is enough for the bottom panels of a boat. Sometimes it’s made into tread plates as a flooring material. Light as it is, the 4.5mm 5754 aluminium plate makes a boat swift across rivers and sea surfaces.

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