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5754 h34 thick aluminium plates

5754 h34 thick aluminium plate

5754 h34 thick aluminium plate produced by Haomei Aluminum has a thickness of 5mm to 600mm. Width of the plate is up to 2600mm, and length 16000mm. The H34 stands for the manufacturing process of stabilizing an aluminium plate to 50% hardness after work hardening. Therefore, its hardness is generally the same as 5754 h14 and h24 aluminum plates, but …

5754 h114 aluminum tread plates are cut out of aluminum rolls

5754 h114 aluminum tread plate

The 5754 h114 aluminum tread plate is a typical aluminium checker plate of 5000 series. The temper of H114 refers to the state of an aluminium plate which has been processed from O, HX1, H111 or H112, and it’s a special temper only for aluminium tread plates. The 5754 h114 aluminum plate displays varied mechanical properties from mill finished 5754 …

5754 h22 aluminium plate rolled in workshop

5754 h22 aluminium plate for fuel tanks

5754 h22 aluminium plate is an Al-Mg alloy containing 2.6% to 3.6% magnesium. Its hardness rank middle in 5000 series. H22 is a temper of 25% hardness of a partly annealed aluminium plate, and H32 25% hardness of a fully annealed plate. Theoretically the mechanical properties of h32 is stabler than h22, but their hardness degrees are similar. Therefore, their …

5754 aluminum deck plates

5754 aluminum deck plate

The 5754 aluminum deck plate is an aluminium tread plate whose ordinary patterns include 5 bar and 1 bar. 5754 is one of the two widely applied alloys of 5000 series of aluminum deck plates. It contains 2.6% to 3.6% magnesium, less than other common alloys of 5000 series. Therefore, its hardness is poorer. However, it’s still much stronger than …

5754 aluminum plate 4.5mm

5754 aluminum plate 4.5mm

5754 aluminum plate 4.5mm is a typical sheet material for tankers and ships. 5754 sheet is less stronger than 5083 in hardness, for it contains 2% less magnesium. In the same way, its corrosion resistance is poorer, too. However, this is only compared to 5083. As a widely applied alloy of the 5000 series, 5754 stand out of 1000 and 3000 …

five bar aluminium chequered plates 5754

Aluminium chequered plate 5754 for flooring

An aluminium chequered plate 5754 for flooring has medium strength, good corrosion resistance, excellent welding property and good forming property. It’s among the most popular alloys of 5000 series of aluminium. It contains 2.6% to 3.6% magnesium, less than that of 5083, which is 4.0% to 4.9%. Therefore, its hardness is weaker than 5083. However, the strong anti-rust ability and …

Aluminum plate 40 mm 5754 in workshop

Aluminum plate 40 mm 5754

Aluminum plate 40 mm 5754 is processed from 5754 aluminum alloy, the tensile strength of which is 190-240Mpa, yielding strength 803 above and elongation 12 and more. The tensile strength of the plate ranks middle in aluminium alloys. What really makes it stand out falls on anti-rust performance. In addition, it’s suitable to be welded and formed, for it contains …

5754 aluminum checker sheet

5754 aluminum tread plate

5754 aluminum tread plate is made of 5754 aluminium alloy which is featured by medium strength, good anti-rust property, nice welding performance and easy forming. 5754 aluminum plate contains 3%-5% magnesium known by excellent erosion resistance. Temper H12, H22, H32, H14, H24, H34, T4, T6 Thickness (mm) 1.2-8.0 Width (mm) 100-1850 Length (mm) Coil or sheet (500-16000) Price Alu ingot price …

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