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5754 h22 aluminium plate for fuel tanks

April 22, 2021

5754 h22 aluminium plate is an Al-Mg alloy containing 2.6% to 3.6% magnesium. Its hardness rank middle in 5000 series. H22 is a temper of 25% hardness of a partly annealed aluminium plate, and H32 25% hardness of a fully annealed plate. Theoretically the mechanical properties of h32 is stabler than h22, but their hardness degrees are similar. Therefore, their application scopes overlap, too. 5754 h22 aluminium plates are applied to fuel tanks because of their light weight, good tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

5754 h22 aluminium plate rolled in workshop

5754 h22 alu plates are first made into fuel tanks of planes, trucks, and ships. Boasting low density and excellent elongation, 5754 aluminum plate helps to enlarge the capacity of a fuel tank, reduce overall weight of a vehicle, and enhance the safety index of a fuel tank. Cases show that aluminium tanks withstand strong shocks of impact without breaking or cracking. This makes it an outstanding material for plane and truck fuel tanks. What’s more, the plate is endowed with a particular ability to resist severe corrosive conditions on the sea, which contributes a lot to its application in tanks of ships and boats. Last but not least, the ignition point of aluminium is very high, reaching 550oC, and this is for the power type. Aluminium plates do not burn in the air at all, for they have an oxide layer which prevents air outside, which means no oxygen for the fire. Thus 5754 plate is a quite safe fuel tank material.

While being used fuel tanks of tankers, 5754 h22 aluminum plate displays its advantages, too. In addition to the points mentioned above, the plate has a good compatibility with gasoline and diesel, and can avoid oil pollution. In addition, an aluminium tank has a longer service life, since it does not rust or break easily.

Haomei supplies h22 5754 aluminum plate for fuel tanks of 1mm to 10mm. Width and length can be customized. Welcome to contact us for a price.

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