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Why is black anodized aluminum plate used for cell phones

June 20, 2019

Why are most cell phones made of the black anodized aluminum plate rather than anodized sheets of other colors?

First, the face of a cell phone is usually made of a black anodized aluminum plate because the color is more adaptable to other parts of the phone. The market is now quite popular with bang screen mobile phones that are of black or other gradient colors, such as red and pink. In recent years, they have also become high-end colors for mobile phones. For general mobile phones, front cameras, sensors and earpieces are required. The white phone looks simple, but the screen interface that will be displayed after opening are all kinds of black holes, which affects the appearance. Of course, there are also mobile phones made of black and white mobile phones, that is, the front of the interface is a black, while the back of the fuselage is white. There seems to be no white front interface.

black anodized aluminum plate

Second, adoption of the black anodized aluminum plate makes a phone more attractive. A white mobile phone has a very large color difference effect, and the aesthetics is greatly reduced. The pure black mobile phone is more likely to show the smooth texture of the whole body under the light sense, especially in the standby interface, and the mobile phone give a smoother sense. Moreover, it is dyed with high-quality toner, and its color depth can be adjusted to match the overall appearance of the mobile phone.

Third, the color of black proves to be continuously popular. In terms of human senses, black gives a feeling of stability and hardness, coupled with the metallic texture of aluminum alloy, can give the user a very good quality and a slightly noble feeling. White will make people feel light and vain. It is not excluded that some people like this style, but for the public, no doubt white is inferior. In addition, a black anodized aluminum plate shows excellent wear resistance, providing additional added value for the mobile phone.

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