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black anodized figured aluminum plate

Black anodized figured aluminum plate

Black anodized figured aluminum plate, between 0.1mm to 8mm thick, obtains the black color by powder coating or anodized coating. Anodized coating offers a upgrading with two-step continuous coil anodizing. The state-of-the-art process for creating an anodized aluminum allows for perfectly colored sheets. Available alloys we supply include 3003, 5052 and 5754, with regular patterns of five bar and one …

curtain wall anodized aluminum plate

Curtain wall anodized aluminum plate

We supply curtain wall anodized aluminum plate 1100, 3a21, 3003, 5005 etc. The anodized film is 12μ and above. Thickness of the plate is between 1.5mm to 3.0mm, suitable for high-profile curtain walls. Featured by high strength, good plasticity, low light pollution and high recycle rate, aluminium sheets rank top in modern building curtain wall materials. 1100 aluminum sheet coil …

Anodized aluminum checkered plate

Anodized aluminum checkered plate

Anodized aluminum checker plate is a kind of anti skid anodized aluminium sheet obtained by both anodizing and embossing. By patterns on the surface there are anodized aluminum checker plates of five bar, diamond, three bar etc. Plates with other patterns, like ripple, hammer and stucco, are more frequently used as decorative rather than anti-skid materials, for the height of …

anodized aluminum plate film thickness

How to guarantee film thickness of anodized aluminum plate

To guarantee the film thickness of an anodized aluminum plate, manufacturers should pay attention to the following six points. A. The materials of different purity should have the anodization time separately. The film formation speeds of aluminum alloys with different purity are different, so the time of anodization should be treated separately. Under normal circumstances, the lower the purity of …

black anodized aluminum plate

Why is black anodized aluminum plate used for cell phones

Why are most cell phones made of the black anodized aluminum plate rather than anodized sheets of other colors? First, the face of a cell phone is usually made of a black anodized aluminum plate because the color is more adaptable to other parts of the phone. The market is now quite popular with bang screen mobile phones that are …

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