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White anodized aluminum sheet advantages

July 4, 2019

White anodized aluminum sheet plates can be seen in the fields of cans, buildings, home improvement, electronics and so on. Some are simply anodized sheets, while others have gone through extra surface treatment processes like mirror finish. The white anodized aluminium sheet is also popular among the public because of its unique properties and its application range is extremely wide.

First, flatness

Ordinary aluminum sheets are prone to unevenness. An anodized aluminium sheet metal has a great improvement in the surface preparation process, and its production process is more excellent. Therefore, whether the surface is smooth or flat, it is superior to ordinary aluminum.

white anodized aluminum sheet

Second, the appearance

We all know that the appearance of ordinary aluminum plates is mostly gray, and the colors are ugly. White anodized aluminium sheets are coated with withe paint, and anodized aluminum sheets are coated with other colors, too. This offer more choices and beauty creativity.

Third, anti-corrosion&anti-wear

Because of the addition of the coating, the coating undoubtedly acts as a protective layer for the metal and the outside, so white anodized sheets have a particularly good rust resistance and can extend the service life of the surface metal. The addition of a coating also makes the surface of the sheet more wear resistant.

Fourth, excellent performance

The white anodized aluminum plate is excellent not only in bending properties but also in processability. Different sizes can be made in accord to avoid waste. And its weather resistance is also very good. No matter in what kind of weather conditions it can be used normally.

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