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blue white red anodized aluminum sheets

Colored anodized aluminum sheets for sale

Haomei has blue, white and red colored anodized aluminum sheets for sale. The colors are obtained by a specialized color coating process. There are three methods for this. 1) Adsorption coloring, that is, dyeing with organic or inorganic dyes. 2) Electrolytic coloring, that is, electrolysis is performed after anodizing and before sealing, so that the film produces different colors. 3) …

white anodized aluminum sheet

White anodized aluminum sheet advantages

White anodized aluminum sheet plates can be seen in the fields of cans, buildings, home improvement, electronics and so on. Some are simply anodized sheets, while others have gone through extra surface treatment processes like mirror finish. The white anodized aluminium sheet is also popular among the public because of its unique properties and its application range is extremely wide. …

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