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What is Aluminum Mirror Sheet

August 6, 2018

An aluminum mirror sheet refers to a treated aluminium sheet taking on a mirroring effect. The treatment methods include rolling, grinding etc. It’s widely used in wall cladding, ceiling, roofing, advertising, electronic product housing, decorative separation etc. The most commonly adopted aluminum series are 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx. All regular alloys of 1xxx can be made into aluminum mirror sheets, including 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1100. In 3xxx series 3003 is the most popular candidate. However, both series can not compete with 5xxx. Represented by 5005 and 5657, 5xxx series displays an excellent mirroring effect after being processed. Main elements of 5xxx are aluminum and magnesium, and the content of the latter is between 3% and 5%. It features in low density, high tensile strength and good elongation. Therefore, it is commonly used in aviation, such as aircraft fuel tanks. It is also widely applied in conventional industries.

what is aluminum mirror sheet

There are three levels of aluminum mirror sheet reflectivity. The inferior level is between 80% and 85%. The figure is unstable with the passage of time. The medium level is around 95%. This is actually the highest reflectivity of applied industrial aluminium mirror sheets. The figure keeps stable in spite of long-term application. The really superior level reaches 99.9%, but this kind of sheets have been produced only in laboratories.

Germany and Italy provide the best aluminum mirror sheet around the world. Japan enjoys relative popularity as well because of unique lining effect of its products. There’s a simple method to test the quality of reflective aluminium sheets. If you touch the surface of a sheet, your sweat would be left on the surface. Wipe the sweat with a piece of dry cloth or paper and then check the surface again. Top quality sheets will become as bright as original while inferior ones will get dull and dirty on the surface. Haomei Aluminium supplies aluminium products of various kinds. If you want to know more about what is aluminum mirror sheet, welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com.

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