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How to Solve Oil Stain Problem on Aluminium Sheet Metal

August 3, 2018

As an important index for estimation of the quality of aluminium sheet metal, the oil stain affects directly the yield and scrap rate of an aluminum plate. Oil stain refers to the excessive oil on the surface of aluminum products, extra oil of rolling oil film and oil that is visible to the naked eye during slitting production or finished product inspection. What is the cause of greasy dirt and what solutions are there?

Generally there are two causes for oil stains on aluminium sheet metals. First, it occurs because of equipment or operational errors. Second, the production equipment has not been inspected as strictly as required. As a result, oil or other impurities are left on the surface of the equipment. During production the oil on the rolling neck or at the mill exit smashes, splashes or drops on the aluminum plate, forming oil stains which have not been cleaned in time.

aluminium sheet metal

Therefore, there are two corresponding ways to solve the problem of oil stains on aluminium sheet metals. First, improve the operational skill of workers by training in advance. Operators must be required to keep strict control of the oil thickness in production, and to take instant measures against extra oil that causes unusual problems with rolling wipers or remains along the rollers. The amount of oil feeding must be regulated in time to guarantee the uniform thickness of the oil film. Second, operators should have a strict inspection of equipment before production, making sure that all devices are clean without impurities. In case of oil dropping, the polluted aluminum sheets should be cleaned immediately to stop formation of oil stains. In a word, the problem can be solved as long as you strictly follow operational rules and keep equipment clean.

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