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Aluminium Slug for Tubes used in Toothpaste Packing

August 1, 2018

Aluminium slug for tubes is also called aluminum particles in China because of its mini size. One of its most popular applications is toothpaste packing. The slug is usually made of 1070 or 1060. Sizes for domed slugs include 13.15, 15.7, 17.7, 18.7, 21.7, 24.5, 24.7, 27.7, 29.7/29.8, 31.3, 31.4, 31.55, 34.65, 39.7, 44.7, 45.3, 49.65, 52.65, 53.3, 59.25, 65.7, 87.7 etc. Those for flat ones include 34.65, 26.4, 29.7/29.8, 39.7 etc. The thickness ranges from 3.0 to 20mm. The temper is commonly O.

aluminium slug for tubes

Aluminium slug for tubes is used in toothpaste packing because of its excellent elongation, light weight, good printing effect and strong adaptability to various surface treatments. Made under soft O state, a thick little slug can be pulling into a thin tube times of its original size. The tube is so soft that you can press and fold it into any shape you like. This makes it extremely convenient for us to squeeze out remaining toothpaste in the tube. As a pure aluminum product, 1060 and 1070 aluminum slugs have a much smaller density than other popular metals like iron and copper. Therefore, they are of extraordinarily light weight, only about 15g each. Besides, they are suitable for various surface treatments like anodizing, polishing, color coating etc. They can be printed with kinds of inks and designs which last for years without decaying.

Haomei is a manufacturer and exporter of aluminium slug for tubes. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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