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Aluminum Mirror Sheet Reflectivity

August 2, 2018

Aluminum mirror sheet reflectivity larges reflects the quality of a sheet and processing level of a manufacturer. The higher the reflectivity of a sheet is, the better is the quality. Common aluminum mirror sheet has a reflectivity of around 90%, and some reach 95%. An American research center has developed a new type of nano mirror sheet whose reflectivity is 99.9%. Sheets with reflectivity of 95% and above can be used for special purposes like solar power taking and experimental equipment making etc. Part of the light traveling to the interface of two media returns to the original media. This phenomenon is called mirroring reflection. Mirror reflectivity refers to the energy ratio of reflected light and whole light travels to a unit area of a medium. Aluminum mirror sheet reflectivity can be divided into three levels.

aluminum mirror sheet reflectivity

The reflectivity of inferior aluminum mirror sheets is only around 80%. The highest is 85%. In spite of low reflectivity, these sheets have a great price advantage when clients require little about mirroring effect. They are applied in production of sign boards, label panels, ceilings etc. Their price is only a little higher than that of plain aluminium sheets. Sheets of around 90% reflectivity ranks medium in quality. The best China aluminium mirror sheet manufacturers can produce products of this level. Sheets of higher reflectivity are usually from Japan, Italy and Germany, who can push the reflectivity to 95% and higher. Correspondingly, sheets of higher reflectivity cost more.

However, the idea that you must purchase aluminum mirror sheet of highest reflectivity is misleading. Different reflectivity levels meet different application requirements. The suitable is the best. Haomei has manufactured and supplied aluminium mirror sheet for global market for over ten years. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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