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color coated aluminium foil

Color coated aluminium foil

The color coated aluminium foil is an aluminum composite material with one or more layers of organic paint on its surface. The properties of the foil is so stable that the paint last years without fading. Aluminium has extremely low density and medium hardness in comparison to other packing materials, which makes it popular in the food packaging industry. In …

color coated aluminum coil hs code

Color coated aluminum coil hs code

If you are a new color coated aluminum coil importer, you would like to learn the color coated aluminum coil hs code. The fact is, there are more than one hs codes for color coated aluminium rolls of varied thicknesses and shapes. Here is a list of hs codes for regular ones. 7606119900 This is for aluminium plates, sheets and …

colour coated aluminium roofing sheet coil

Why is colour coated aluminum coil sheet used for roofing

The color coated aluminium is widely used as a roofing material in all corners of the world. Regular colors include blue, red and gray. The aluminium color coated sheet coil boasts light weight, strong hardness, excellent weather resistance and high cost effectiveness. Color coated aluminum coil is usually made of 3000 and 5000 series of aluminium alloy that adopts manganese …

painted aluminum coil

Solution to Gloss Problems of Painted Aluminum Coil

As a composite material with multiple chemical elements, painted aluminum coil rolls are extensively applied in various industries. However, a typical problem complained by not a few users is that color coated aluminium materials they use are lacking in enough gloss, which makes them less attractive than they actually should be. Generally there are two reasons for this: process problem …

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