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    Aluminum Foil, Color Coated Aluminium , ,

    Alloy  8011  / 3003 /1235
    Temper  HO / H24/H22
    Thickness  0.06-0.12mm
    Width 150-1050mm
    type Rolling
    ID 76mm and 152mm

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    • Features
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    We supply color coated aluminium foil for container of the following specifications.

    Color coated aluminium foil workshop

    Alloy 8011  / 3003 /1235
    Temper HO / H24/H22
    Thickness 0.06-0.12mm
    Width 150-1050mm
    type Rolling
    ID 76mm and 152mm
    Tensile st 90-120mpa
    eongation 13-18%


    One side color lacquer and other side clear lacquer

    One side color lacquer / other per film

    Some needs both sides lubricated.

    Color : white / red / gold ect



    1.food grade polyester or epory ( FDA and TUV )

    2.The coating can pass steam resistance 300C for 30mintes

    Application Food container and lids for airline , pet food container ,

    restaurant and household


    Features of Color coated aluminium foil for container

    1. Various dimension available, we also supply OEM service.
    2. Thickness: Can be customized
    3. Shape: Rectangle, round shrink wrap and so on.
    4. Packing: Recycle paper packing, OPP plastic packing and so on
    5. Material: Foodgrade, pollution-free, environmentable-friendly and recyclable
    6. High temperature sterilization for food container

    Application of color coated aluminium foil for container

    color coated aluminum foil for container application

    Containers made of color coated aluminium foil are easy to open and resistant to sterilization with high barrier property and longer shelf-life than paper ones.Now the aluminium tray & lids are widely used in food packaging industry, such as airline containers, take-away food an baking. The thickness for the color coated aluminium foil for trays ranges from 70 micron to 120microns, with colorful lacquer. The matching lids has the thickness from 60microns to 70microns, with label or printed on the lids.

    Aluminium foil pans are perfect for take-out & delivery meals, widely for pack & distribute cooked dinner. High quality food grade aluminium containers is used in food, freezing, cooking baking,and kitchen used. The home aluminum food pan can be widely used in many ways such as cooking, freezing, packaging and baking,etc.
    The color coated aluminium foil can be made in accordance with your thickness, capacity and package. Rim:interrupted vertical curl flange rim.

    Standard export packaging or as required.color coated aluminum foil for container packaging

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