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aluminum circle plate

Packing of Aluminum Circle Plates

Aluminum circle plates are usually packed in a tic-tac-toe frame in accordance with delivery and storage requirements. The frame is generally made of four wood beams with two on the upper and the other two at the bottom. The distance between the bottom beams and the ground is up to operation requirements of the fort lift trucks being used to …

aluminum circle sheet blanks

Factors Influencing Aluminum Circle Sheet Price

Factors influencing aluminum circle sheet price include application scope changes, export-import policies & exchange rates and technological development in manufacturing process. At present aluminum circle sheets are mainly applied as raw materials for lighting parts, cookware and road metal sign panels. With improvement of production process their application scope may be widely enlarged, since they are potential substitutes for so …

aluminum circle punch

A New Type of Aluminum Circle Punch Line

Manufacturers of aluminum circle punches have developed a new type of line that is said to helps to save cost in manual work, equipment investment, punch oil and public spending. This punch line requires less manual work than traditional lines consisting of 38 sets of machines operated by nine people. The new line needs only four people, one of which …

aluminum circle

Difference Between Aluminum Circle and Aluminium Circle Truss

The aluminum circle refers to round flat aluminum pieces used for production of cookware, lighting reflector and decorative parts. Also known as aluminum circle discs, it boasts good corrosion resistance, excellent deep drawing property and long service life. There are mainly 1xxx aluminum circles and 3000 series aluminium circle discs, including 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100 and 3003 etc. 1000 differs …

aluminium circle manufacturer

Aluminium Circle Manufacturers in Delhi

Recently not a few people searched aluminium circle manufacturers in Delhi. We had a study of this topic and sorted out three aluminium circle suppliers, among whom two are manufacturers yet the other is a successful wholesaler, exporter as well as importer. We hope the information below is helpful to those in need. Balajee Metaltek Pvt Ltd is a relatively …

aluminum circle manufacturers

Features of Best Aluminum Circle Manufacturers

As procurement manager of aluminum discs, have you ever think seriously about this question: What are the features of best aluminum circle manufacturers? Although the answer may vary from person to person, I believe we all agree on the following aspects: advanced equipment, quality products, excellent service and full knowledge about your market. At present the most advanced equipment for …

aluminum circle blanks

Aluminum Circle Blanks Used for Pots

Aluminum circle blanks can be processed into many types of items, including pots, kettles, basins and lighting covers etc. It’s worth mentioning that aluminum circle blanks are usually welded or processed together with other materials in modern production of aluminum products, while in the past they were normally pressed into an integrated item directly. Take pots for example. A decade …

aluminum circle

Application of Aluminum Circle

Aluminum circle refers to round blanks cut out of aluminum coils. In spite of specific series classification of aluminum alloys, it’s extremely difficult to divide them by application. A series type serves only as a guidance for practical manufacturing. Properties varies from alloy to alloy. Different tempers of the same alloy also lead to differed properties of an alloy. Applications …

1000 series aluminum circle

1000 Series Aluminum Circle

1000 series aluminum circle ranks the first types of the most widely used aluminum circles. It generally includes alloys of 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1100, all of which entail simpler production process than aluminum alloy of other series. Aluminum circle is not obtained by straight punching of ingots. No matter what type of aluminum material you want, including profiles, you …

aluminum circle

Advantages of Aluminum Circle for Cookware

A general study shows that half of the cookware in the world are made of aluminum circle, which boasts extraordinarily high heat conductivity of 93%, three times of stainless steel and cast iron. Aluminum circle beats other materials as raw material for cookware because its chemical and physical properties are perfect for manufacturing and usage of cookware. Besides, heat conductivity …

aluminum circle

Would Aluminum Circle Rust After Long-term Service

Would aluminum circle rust after long-term service? Many people have such a doubt because items made of iron get rusty easily after a period of time of usage. Sickles and knives have to be sharpened from time to time, or else their edges become blunt. Those who own aluminum items may have the impression that aluminum rusts quickly, too, for …

aluminum circle

Technical Features of Haomei Aluminum Circle Production Line

Aluminum circle accounts for a large share of our orders from home and abroad. It contains 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series and 8000 series. After decades of development, Haomei has formed mature production line for aluminum discs. Haomei aluminum circle production line has the following features. First, it’s equipped with full automatic control system. Operators set digital …

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