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Silver Brushed Aluminum

September 5, 2023

Nowadays, more and more consumer groups like things with metal texture, and architectural decoration is no exception. Silver brushed aluminum has a wide range of applications. It can be used not only as a building material decoration material, but also as a metal box packaging for furniture, home appliances, electronic products and other products in daily life. Its appearance has opened up a new field for the aluminum sheet industry, and also provided designers with another new material that can be applied to architectural decoration.

silver brushed aluminum

Product price of silver brushed aluminum

  1. The silver brushed aluminum sheetis produced by wire drawing or electro-corrosion, and the price is higher than that of ordinary sprayed plates;
  2. The surface of the brushed aluminum sheet adopts a metal wire drawing process, which can significantly reduce finger oil marks, has a good matte effect, and has a strong visual impact.

The price of general brushed aluminum silver is relatively not low, and some aluminum sheet such as wood grain and stone grain with 3D sense are also made by wire drawing or electro-etching, and the price is relatively expensive. Brushed aluminum sheet is generally used in high-end places full of splendor and splendor. It is mainly supplied by imports. There are not many domestic manufacturers who have mastered this process.


The final drawing process also determines whether the effect of the silver brushed aluminum is perfect, which is a test of the operator’s craftsmanship, so the output cannot be controlled. Among them, straight line drawing is the most used method. Brushed aluminum sheet is generally used in villas, hotels, shopping malls, concert halls, cinemas, museums, exhibitions and other places where you want to create a high-end atmosphere, high-grade, resplendent, and need to incorporate some retro architectural design styles.

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