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Should I buy anodized aluminum sheet metal from manufacturers

August 9, 2019

If you wants to buy anodized aluminum sheet, which sources will you rely on? You may think about acquaintances, local factory visiting, online B2B sites, search engines and so on, but what lies behind your choice? Do you prefer traders or manufacturers?

I believe most purchasers would prefer manufacturers. The deepest reason, of course, is price. Manufacturers are able to offer the lowest price among suppliers, but traders would not sell a product unless extra profits are added to its price. This means you would get higher offers from traders than from manufacturers. While it is not always the case.

buy anodized aluminum sheet manufacturers

Some anodized aluminum sheet metal manufacturers have no export unit at all, and it takes time to build one. When the supply is larger than the demand in local market, orders from export business because an important support for them. They would love to lower prices to attract traders who are always capable enough to pick out quality products out from numerous manufacturers. In many cases they are even able to give lower offers than export teams from manufacturers. Even though a manufacturer has an independent export team, the team may not be mature enough to compete with professional trading companies, or its sales people have to take care everything, including promotion, negotiation and shipment, while mature trading companies have individual units to deal with each of the three parts. Undoubtedly, you receive better service if you buy anodized aluminum sheets from them. Last but not least, trading companies supply a wider range of aluminium sheet products than any manufacturer in the industry, for all manufacturers can be their suppliers, and you need not to negotiate with several companies for varied products. Of course, a manufacturer with a professional export team would always be the top choice!

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