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Polish mirror aluminum sheet for reflector

August 8, 2019

The polish mirror aluminum sheet for reflector is also known as polish aluminum sheet or aluminum mirror sheet. It’s obtained by polishing a quality piece of aluminium sheet. Common specifications are as below.

· Alloy:1050, 1060, 1070, 1085

· Width:Under 1000mm

· Thickness:0.2-2.0 mm

polish mirror aluminum sheet for reflector

The reflectivity of polish mirror aluminum sheet for reflector ranges from 85% to 95% in the market. The so-called 98% reflectivity sheet exist only in theory and labs. In China, 85% aluminum mirror sheet is regarded as a poor quality sheet. It’s featured by unstable reflectivity, fragile surface and poor corrosion resistance. After being used for a period of time, its surface may get blurred resulting from frequent contact with humans or objects. A sweaty hand makes its reflectivity come down rapidly, and it’s likely that you cannot wipe the hand marks off completely. A high reflective mirror aluminum sheet, on the other hand, shows much more satisfying performances. Its characteristics are as below.

1. Its material is novel and unique, and the quality is high.

2. Scratch resistant, surface hardness up to sapphire.

3. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, fireproof,

4. Anti-interference, shieldable electromagnetic waves, excellent heat dissipation, suitable for precision electronic products,

5. Anti-static, no dust, easy to clean, strong anti-fingerprint ability,

6. Greatly reduce the surface treatment process, improve the yield rate, and effectively reduce costs,

7. Low specific gravity, only one-third of stainless steel and easy to form,

8. The surface oxide layer never falls off and the color is uniform.

The specification of our super polish mirror aluminum sheet for reflector is as below.

(total reflectance): >95%

(diffuse reflectance): <10%

(specular reflectance): 88%

Hardness: H18

Tensile strength: 160-200Pa

Bending strength: 160-200MPa

Elongation: 2%


Coil: Upright wooden pallet packaging. Outer fiberboard packaging, suitable for domestic land transportation.

Plate: wooden box packaging or wooden pallet packaging.

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